In-House Legal Services

An affordable and easy access solution to legal support for growing and mature businesses

This program benefits companies who have the need for regular, ongoing legal support, but do not wish to hire a full time in-house legal counsel or add more full-time resources to their existing in-house staff.

Our clients may also find law firms too expensive to use for their day-to-day legal work.

Like a full-time in-house legal counsel, our attorney can have an email address on your email system, have an extension on your phone system, and take other steps to be part of your management team.

Through this program, we typically work with our clients for at least 6 months on a small monthly fee basis and a reduced flat rate or hourly rate based on the size of your business, which is substantially less than the rate charged even by smaller law firms.

The In-House Legal Services program may include the following

Day-to-day or weekly legal advice per phone and/or email (during business hours) by an attorney with an intimate understanding of the client's business, its business culture and history

Dedicated attorney who is a team member and dedicated to helping your company grow

Review of your contracts

Create legal contracts and frameworks that are in alignment with your business type, personality and style

Protect your company's intellectual property

Keep on top of your business plans and troubleshoot potential legal problems before they arise