We are dedicated to create the best fit for the companies we serve.

On Demand Legal Services

When you instruct On Demand Legal Services you are assured certainty of pricing. We believe it is our responsibility to ask the correct questions at the outset, price the transaction realistically and share costs overrun risk with our client. Our over-riding priority is to fix or cap our fees on a case-by-case basis that represents fair value to you.

If you wish to retain and pay for legal services in a more traditional manner (or the job in hand requires it), we will quote for work by reference to hourly rates, which are tailored to the work involved. In keeping with our pricing philosophy, our approach to pricing for work is dictated by the nature and complexity of the work involved.

In-House Legal Services

For the In-House Legal Services, our pricing depends on a number of factors, including your historic legal spend, the size of your organisation, the range of services to be provided, the complexity of the issues involved, the anticipated developments facing the business during the retainer period.

At the outset we will discuss your requirements by phone or videoconference and we will then submit a written proposal to you setting out the range of services to be provided to you and the proposed cost of those services, for your consideration. We will discuss this with you so that you can decide what the optimum level of service is for your business needs. We will be available to your company as needed for a small monthly rate. When we participate as legal counsel in a new business deal, product plan or produce documents, you get the benefit of proactive legal advice at a substantial reduced flat rate or hourly rate.

Generally, if translated into an hourly rate, when we are working more than 3 hours on a project, our normal rate will be reduced by more than 40 percent. Moreover, the In-House Legal Services rates are one-third of the rates charged by traditional law firms for comparable levels of expertise.