Just as important as what we do, is the way we do it. Our values serves as the framework for everything we do.

TienLegal Global was established in 2014 with the aim providing high-quality legal services performed in a professional, ethical and courteous manner at an affordable price.

We are always open and transparent and genuinely care that our clients' legal needs are met with efficiency, friendliness and empathy.
We earn trust through our integrity, reliability and by demonstrating our expertise. Building, maintaining and nurturing powerful, lasting business relationships is a central part of our business.

We aren't resting on our laurels. We are determined, through continuous improvement, to raise and maintain the quality of service we provide.


Nicole Tien

Nicole Tien (1978) is owner and founder of TienLegal Global.

Before starting her own business, she served as General Counsel and Head of Legal & Business Affairs for Off the Fence B.V. and its subsidiaries worldwide.

As a General Counsel, she is a key strategic advisor to the CEO and COO. She represents the company in all legal proceedings and legal/commercial negotiations and is responsible for overseeing all legal and corporate matters. In addition, she previously worked as In-House Legal Counsel for international companies such as ING Bank, Yamaha Motor Europe B.V. and Endemol International B.V..

Nicole holds a Master's degree in Intellectual Property law and Internet law, an Advanced Master's degree in Liability law, English Contract law and American Contract law from the University of Nijmegen. She also holds a Post-Master's degree for Company Lawyers at the University for Post-Academic Education. See her curriculum vitae on LinkedIn


Intellectual Property

International Contract Law

Media Law

IT Law

Internet Law


"I am intellectually curious and passionate about learning and staying abreast of changes in my field. I pride myself on being accessible, tough, direct, but above all fair and ethical"

Nicole Tien